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Speak at Your Function

Karen is happy to speak to groups who are wanting information, guidance and fun while learning all about communicating without any drama.  Learn the interesting difference between the way men and women converse. Once understood you hold the power and influence in every conversation.


Corporate Wellbeing

Contact us for Karen to visit your workplace training staff to not only communicate positively but to guide staff in techniques to increase sales and customer satisfaction. Employees can learn techniques to destress, relax and improve their resilience leading to happier, more motivated staff.


Personal Appointments

If you feel you would benefit from a 1:1 with Karen, then appointments can be made. Start learning about communicating positively to guide your conversations with your partner, work colleagues and kids, especially your teens. When relationships are happy, mental and physical health are enriched and stronger.

Highway to wealth

Increase Productivity and Profit

Conflict and stress can cause serious health implications for staff including anxiety, depression, sleep loss, irritability. Prolonged stress affects the individual and the whole organisation driving down productivity.

When staff learn improved communication techniques, stress is reduced and performance enhanced. This spills over to private relationships creating a compounded positive effect.

By learning specialised communication and mindfulness techniques staff know precisely how to speak and respond to each other and to customers, creating rapport, trust, influence resulting in more sales and upsells.

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Communication Persuasion Training

Take the lead. Ensure all staff are trained in the latest communication techniques, leaving competitors wondering how you achieved such success. 

Highly trained staff can respond to any customer problem positively. Regardless if communication is done in person, via phone or email, these techniques are essential for outstanding results.

Good workplace communication skills lower sick leave, reduce staff stress, and improve profit. Additionally, management training is essential to build team autonomy. Book Karen for your Communication Persuasion training today.


Regular Staff Support

Employers know that a happier, healthier workforce leads to greater productivity and improved customer service. This leads to financial benefits to the employer. It makes sense to help your staff by providing destressing methods related to relaxation and motivation.

One method to do that is to facilitate group relaxation and motivation sessions, based on stress release techniques, mindfulness, and guided hypnosis.

Introducing positive mental and emotional strategies to your employees lead to a happier and more productive workforce. Invigorate your employees to become a team of champions, not just a group of people.

Get the best results from your valuable team.

  • Help to eliminate stress, both on the job and in their busy lives
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve focus
  • Motivate a competitive advantage
  • Help them believe they can be the best they can
  • Relax and energise your staff

Promote wellbeing initiatives, social connectivity, a sense of job contentment, and collective positive energy. Mindfulness training, including meditation, hypnotic relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, are wonderful ways to relax, reward, and retrain the mind.

Why not set up a weekly or monthly program for staff to achieve these goals?


  • Thank you. You are a breath of fresh air. Priceless information that you so graciously shared. You have reignited my desire and confidence with the incredible information within the book. Your attendance at my work seminar was the best presentation ever. We never learnt this in our training. Thank you so much - Angela, The Counselling Centre (Sydney).
  • Wow, the 3 secret words did change my life and so many of my relationships are just easy and great now. So fast, so easy. Work is more a breeze too since using the words and my sales have increased exponentially. I love life again and feel in control and in charge, I LOVE that so much - Brendon, Harvey Norman Sales.
  • As a mum of three young kids I felt out of control, the arguments at home with them and my partner were sending me down a dark hole. After reading and using the words and techniques there have been no arguments at all...can't believe it. I feel in full control like never before. The house is happy, my relationship reignited and kids are laughing. You are brilliant, thanks so so much - Erika, Penrith.
  • The fortnightly training you provide for my staff is a game-changer. They seem more relaxed, focused, on target and far more amenable and happy within themselves and with each other. Many have commented on how their home life has also improved by lowering their stress levels which undoubtedly reflect at work. Best decision we ever made, thank you. James, XXXXX Real Estate Group
  • Just wanted to drop an email to say how much I loved this book. My partner and I have argued for almost ever, was really damaging our relationship. This combined with family drama made me question everything about myself. Since learning the 3 power words and the other strategies, and using them, no arguments. I even feel more in control when communicating with the family and their comments don't bother me as they did because of the reason thing you discuss. I am recommending this book to everyone I know. Thank you so much, Karen - Chris, Townsville.

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