How to Guarantee More Profit

Research by Oxford University's Business School has found a conclusive link between staff happiness and productivity.

The study into happiness and productivity found that workers are more productive when they feel happy. The research was
conducted with Oxford Business School, University of Oxford and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

It was found that when workers are happier, they work faster, convert more sales and have less time off work. While the link between happiness and productivity has often been discussed, the study provides the first field evidence of this relationship.

Recent research into the mood of workers has found that paid work is ranked near the bottom in terms of activities that mak the population happy. Analysis suggests it is the employer's interests in their employee that seems to generate a better mood and more happiness within the workplace environment.

The researchers found that happy workers do not work more or fewer hours than their discontented colleagues—they are simply more productive within their time at work. Therefore, they work happier, smarter, creative and constructive. Happier staff benefit the business profit, which makes management happier, reflecting on more positive staff morale.

Importance of Training

Once employers begin to understand the importance of connectivity, improved communication skills and appreciation for effort, the workplace can thrive, as can all staff. Workplace training for management and staff can assure this is learned and used. Gone are the days of staff arriving at work, clocking off at 5 pm and plodding through their day like a robot. We need more, and if we can't get that recognition, experience thoughtful communication with understanding, and have a degree of flexibility within our work environment, the workplace can quickly become toxic. When this occurs, it takes time, effort and investment to turn it around.

Ensuring your work environment is happy and productive with staff, that not only enjoy their work but feel connected and appreciated, is essential for business growth and profit. All we need to do is look at places like google to see the value of happy, engaged staff and profit. Google have communication trainers regularly speak with staff and management to ensure they all feel heard and understood.

This is what makes a brilliant team of unified and dedicated workers which in turn translates to more production and increased profit.

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