Who should read the book?

Communication Harmony is your Guide to Conflict-Free Communicating. Learn the strategies to make sure others listen and understand what you are saying.

There has never been a time when understanding the art of persuasive communication was more important than right now. Learn persuasion tricks that stick.


Is it for Men or Women?

Learn to immediately change every conversation so you become the expert communicator.

Imagine guiding every discussion with your partner, kids, even boss, so you lead and achieve what you want.

Communication Harmony helps men to talk and understand women, and aids all women to get him to talk and listen.

What will I learn?

Using the 3 secret power words makes you the influencer in every conversation. Learn How To:

  • Quickly detect a lie
  • Get him to open up and talk
  • Determine if body language matches their words
  • Set the tone and direction in every conversation
  • Have meaningful conversations without arguments
  • Get your kids to listen and respond

This Book is a Must for Everyone

Communication Harmony can change your life, all your relationships and most certainly add to your influence in any discussion. Have you ever:

  • Had a conversation go off track?
  • Had others misinterpret your words?
  • Tried to explain what you mean yet they fail to understand?
  • Been unsure if they are being truthful?
  • Seem ignored when you are saying something?

You will learn the incredibly effective 3 secret power words, based on NLP techniques, so you can guide every conversation. You will become the influencer.

Did you know that men and women's mind think and process differently?

Would you like to have him communicate better and understand your feelings and needs?

How would you feel if you could detect a lie quickly?

This book makes you the expert communicator and influencer.

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Now more than ever, while we are isolated at home, learning these techniques and strategies can save your relationship. Use your time wisely.