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Who is Karen?

Karen Phillip is one of Australia’s leading Counselling Psychotherapists. She is a Lifestyle Doctor that appears regularly on television, speaks extensively on radio and writes for multiple journalists.  Karen is a leading trainer for therapists and many business groups.

The Reason Karen wrote the book

As a lead relationship therapist, Karen Phillip has worked with thousands of couples and individuals advising on how they can alleviate conflict from their life and their conversational exchanges.  Her 20 years of experience and valuable teachings are captured in these pages.

Karen is a Counselling Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and prominent communication expert

One of Australia's leading therapists, educating and helping people live harmonious and happy lives as they learn to remove the conflict and drama to communicate effectively. The whole idea of communication is to share with others what you feel, want or need. When this fails, frustration and anger erupt.

When we try to stop or correct behaviour without understanding the unsustainable environment that exists, it doesn’t work. Learning these vital steps to change existing habits is essential to thrive.

Karen also now presents many training seminars in workplaces to increase productivity, lower sick leave and create a more autonomous workplace environment. The improved sales and productivity levels are a bonus.

Next Steps...

Grab your copy of this brilliant book now and change your life