Eliminating conflict, guiding every conversation, discovering how to tell if someone is lying and revealing the 3 secret power words is the focus of a new book by leading Australian relationship expert, Dr Karen Phillip.

After two decades working with thousands of couples, families and individuals, Dr Phillip is on a mission to improve the way we communicate and interact with one another.

Have you ever:

  • Had a conversation that has gone off track?
  • Experienced the other person misinterpreting your words?
  • Tried to explain what you mean yet they fail to understand?
  • Become angry because they don’t get what you are logically explaining?

Most of us go through this annoyance, irritation and exasperation. What if I told you that you could eliminate all this frustration and learn to lead every conversation? What if you could ensure each person understood precisely what you meant? And how would you like to get agreement and be the conversational persuader?

Read on to discover how you can get all this, easier and faster than you realise.

While we all can speak and hear, we are not taught to communicate correctly. We learn by mirroring others and through trial and error over many years. Many of us fail to become good at it, which can lead to significant issues in our personal and professional lives.

Everything we experience –
including the quality of our relationships, is a result of the quality of our communication. Improving our communications’ techniques can alleviate and reduce the stress and heightened emotions that go along with the frustration of not being heard or understood so we can start to truly hear one another.

This new revolutionary book titled Communication Harmony contains information you have never heard before. It equips you with easy-to-use strategies allowing you to enrich the way you communicate. Couples, parents and workers will all benefit as they lead the conversational exchanges as they are listened to accurately.

Within weeks of release, it hit the #1 International Bestseller list in six categories in four countries, Australia, USA, Canada and UK.


The book reveals the three secret power words that can be used to swiftly redirect any confrontational conversation and place you in the driver’s seat to guide the conversation exactly where you want it to go.

Communication Harmony explores how to use these powerful words using NLP strategies, how to approach serious topics, and how to detect if someone is lying. It also reveals the role gender plays in conversations and how we can overcome these differences.

If your life has been occupied with conflict or drama or you have disagreements, it is possible to master better communication and language skills and the results can be life-changing. It’s time to take charge, to lead every conversation where you want it to go. Now you can. Just keep the secret words secret.