Understanding Our Relationships

What is a relationship? We mostly conceive it to be a romantic connection between two adults; however, relationships are far more than just that. We have relationships with so many people, including our extended family, in-laws, children, friends, work colleagues. While they, of course, are not as intimate as the physical relationship we share with our partner, they are valuable relationships in our life. They all can affect the way we feel.

There is considerable discussion on personal and partner relationships. We have tips on how to improve them, how we need to act, what to say and what to not say, and on it continues. I wonder why we don’t discuss the essential relationships other than our partner relationship.

The Variety of Relationships in our Life

Research tells us that relationships in our lives, with partner, family, children, colleagues, can all have a significant effect on how we feel. We seem to dismiss so many of these as less important, but are they?

We spend considerable time at work with our colleagues. We can be deeply affected by a disagreement or conflict within our extended family unit and we can become shattered by rejection from our children or their risky behaviour, especially when they choose to lock us out of their conversational world.

How then do we balance all relationships and keep them open, healthy and connected? Well, we can, once you know how. The information in Communication Harmony discusses how we can ensure every relationship we have is conflict-free. The book discusses the specific words to use to ensure every conversation is productive rather than explosive. It explains the words to use and words to avoid, so conflict and drama are eliminated from every discussion regardless of whom it is with.

Taking Control

Imagine how amazing it will feel when you can take control of every conversation, guide the discussion toward the outcome you want and all without any emotional escalation or conflict.

Learning how to use the powerful words can change the way you speak to others, especially if you are someone who gets annoyed or defensive. To be able to feel in control in every conversation is essential learning for everyone.

Imagine, no more arguments with the kids. Being able to guide and converse with them, so they respond as you want or need. Visualise a relationship with your partner where no arguments occur, where both partners can talk and communicate effectively. Having a workplace with such a menagerie of different personalists and you never have a disagreement again.  

Once you learn how to guide a conversation, remove any drama or conflict, life can be amazing. You deserve to feel this good and you can, once you learn the skills and strategies to make it happen.

Communication improves relationships

I have worked with countless numbers of partners, parents and children, extended family members and workplace disputes. These relationships were often tense, annoying, unhappy and distressing for everyone, yet none of them knew how to correct or change things. What they all wanted was for the other person to be different, to listen or to communicate better. We have one thing in this world we can control – OURSELVES!

Learn Life-Changing Strategies

We are unable to control another person, their thoughts, feelings, words or behaviours. Or can we? Using the strategies in Communication Harmony, you can start to guide and direct how the other person responds. This, in turn, affects the way they behave, think and feel, and you can take charge when you know how. Using the strategies, you can shut down any eruption or conflict fast and easily, leaving them nowhere to go, providing no ammunition whatsoever. This, therefore, places you in the driver’s seat.

Start reading now to understand how you can gain control in every conversation. How you can open up conversations and get him to talk with you because almost every woman says, ‘he can’t communicate’. Actually, he can, often very well, once you how to get him to open up.

Have fun reading and learning these skills you will use for life. Get your copy of Communication Harmony Now.